What is Urchin 7...?

Urchin 7 is a giant leap forward for self-hosted web analytics software, and brings to the table an unprecedented mix of processing power and web analytics reporting depth.

Urchin sales discontinued from March 28th 2012
Please ensure you upgrade to the lastest version (Urchin 7) before the deadline. There is no time limit on any Urchin license and all software will continue to run. However new sales discontinue on this date (read official Google announcement). We will support your install as long as you need us!

Note: If you have an older version of Urchin, you can compare features with Urchin 7. If you are unsure of whether Google Analytics or Urchin is the right tool for you, take a look at our GA v Urchin page to understand which circumstances best describe your requirements.

Take a minute to look through these features and screenshots to better understand the incredible feature set embodied by Urchin 7. You then can download the software and try it for free in demo mode. If you like it, just buy a license, no need to reinstall anything.

Feature links open a new window to the Urchin HelpCentre:

Urchin 7's new "home" screen

Urchin 7's new Dashboard view

Urchin 7's new AdWords Tag Manager makes keyword campaigns a snap

Urchin 7?s Advanced Segments feature puts the power of deep analytics in your hands

Urchin 7 features a new Permalinks capability, making it easy to share specific reports with specific settings/filters applied

New report grouping is simpler, more logical, and more intuitive

Automatic software update keeps your installation current & patched

Urchin 7's new Site Summary report gives you key bite-size takeaways about your site's traffic




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